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<table BORDER="2" bgcolor="#000000" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" width="400">
                              <td ALIGN="center"  bgcolor="#6495ed"><FONT COLOR="ffffff">
                              <? echo gettext ("Euro-Lira exchange converter. Choose the currency and insert the amount to convert");?></FONT>
                              <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="convertitore.php">
<SELECT NAME="moneta">
<OPTION VALUE="euro">Euro
<OPTION VALUE="lire">Lira
                              echo "<FONT COLOR=\"ffffff\">&nbsp;&nbsp;";
                              echo gettext ("Amount:");
                              ?>&nbsp;&nbsp;</FONT><INPUT NAME="valuta">
                              <? echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" VALUE=\"";?><? echo gettext ("Compute");?><? echo"\">";?>

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